Thursday, March 4, 2010

Layla is almost 4 months old!!

Life with a new baby is very busy & I haven't had the time to update at all. Quick update!

My little baby girl is almost 4 months! Time is flyyyying by! Shes working on rolling over. Some days she gets it, some days she doesn't. she grabs her toys and plays with them. She laughs, SOMETIMES. Most of the time it's just a "empty laugh" as I like to call it. Laughing but no sound comes out! So cute, but I wish there was sound. :)

Hmm.. what else is our lovely Layla up to? We have successfully been breastfeeding for almost 4 months! YAY! I would love to make it to a full year if we can! It's so funny, because when I was pregnant I was all for breastfeeding but kinda thought to myself that I probably would last a week them switch to formula! No way! It's such an amazing feeling to be able to give this to my baby! So far she hasn't been sick with anything, not even the smallest of colds! Thank god! Especially since she was a winter baby in Upstate NY!

Our girl is getting so big!! I'm sure she is probably about 16 pounds now and about 27 or so inches. Shes still in a few 3 month outfits, mostly Circo onesies, but we're movin on up to 3-6 months in the majority of clothes! She's quite the looker too! I swear every parent thinks their child is beautiful, but Layla turns head everywhere! I even heard a man compliment my daughter to his son at the mall the other day!!

Cutting this short-- hopfully I'll update more soon!

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