Tuesday, June 1, 2010


8 Months!! Already?

I don't know where time has gone. Layla is getting so big & SO MUCH FUN! She's got quite a personality. I don't know where to start, it's been a while. She's crawling, backwards! ALMOST forward. ::laughing:: Shes not a big 'Solids' eater. Thats OK! She'll choose something she can hold in her hands before anything pureed. She was never big on bottles. Shes working on sippy cups but only water. She does best with the sippy cup with a straw attached. Still breastfed just as much as day one!! Go us! So proud of our big girl! Layla is such a joy to have around. She makes our life extremely easy! She's easy to take out & we get complimented EVERYTIME we take her to a restaurant on how well behaved she was! We also get complimented on how stunning she is EVERYWHERE we go. I'm probably just being bias but either way, shes beautiful and everyone knows it! :)

She had her first trip to the emergency room and was admitted for 3 days in May. Poor girl has a gastro infection! her fever was about 102.3-104 for 4 days in a row! The scariest few days of my entire life we're watching my little girl suffer in so much pain. When we were in the emergency department waiting for them to give her an IV, I stepped out to call my mom. When I walked thru the security door past the waiting room I heard the cry of a terrified baby. She was SCREAMING in fear & I knew it was my child. I cannot begin to describe the pain that filled my body listening to my baby cry like that. I ran back to her room and looked thru the window to see two nurses holding Layla down & Chris doing his best to calm her. I couldn't go into that room. Thank god for Chris. I have never been more proud of him. I would have never been able to get thru our daughter being so sick, without my amazing husband by our side! On a positive note, the Galisano Childrens hospital at Upstate University is amazing!! The entire staff who helped take care of Layla until we were 110% ready to take her home we wonderful & muchly appreciated!!
We took Layla to her first 4th of July show! She loves fireworks! She also loves swimming & we've been at my parents house almost everyday for the past week during this heat wave we're having!
Wrapping things up-
Shes in 12-18 months clothes
Still nursing 4-6 times a day
Sleeping mostly thru the night ( in my bed ) & yes! We are working on it!
She was 29.5 inches & 20 pounds at her 6 month ( almost 7 months) appointment!

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