Friday, November 6, 2009

We're gonna be PARENTS!!

Checking into Labor & Delivery TONIGHT!
The big event starts off tonight. There's a million different feelings running through my head as I try to prepare myself for what Chris and I are about to go through. Apparently, Chris has everything ready for himself. I asked him last night if he was nervous and he told me "No." How are you not? It will never be just the two of us anymore. As much as we tried for this, wanted this and are very much as prepared as we can possibly get ourselves, our entire lives are going to change this weekend!! I knew from as far as I can remember that I wanted to be a mommy. I've been ready since the day we started trying for this little girl, in Oct. 07'. Now the final hours are here and I'm lost for words when I think about what it will be like to meet the little person Chris and I created!
How am I going to handle the pain? In the beginning I used to joke about how teeny she was in there but would eventually be very big and need to come out! It hasn't really hit me that she will be coming out whether I'm ready or not. I don't think you can prepare yourself for this type of thing. Chris says its inevitable, so just try to relax and we'll get through it when it comes! Yeah, he's right, but whose going to be birthing Layla? I'm more scared about this than I was about my lung surgery. They put you to sleep for those kinds of things. I really hope I don't need a C-section. I'm so worried about some type of emergency situation happening (since those things always happen to me!) and having to be put to sleep and not have chris there for an Emerg. C-section! I don't know why they put those thoughts in your head during the birthing classes. Ugh.
Chris is working right now. When he gets home we'll have dinner & make our final trip to the 8th floor at Crouse Hospital. The next time we come home, we'll be a family of THREE!
Kirby will be staying with my parents until we get home then they'll bring him over once we're all settled in! Kirby can't wait to be a big brother!
Well, Thats all for my pregnancy updates! Next time I post, There will be baby pictures!!!
We'll let everyone know once Layla arrives!
We love you Layla
love mommy&daddy

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