Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's your due date baby!

It's your due date baby, and your late to the party!

Dear Layla,
It's 10:00pm on Halloween night. You were expected to arrive today, but apparently your quite comfortable staying curled up inside of me! As much as I do love feeling you, barely able to squirm around, I would really like to meet the little lady with such a strong punch. Like the one I just felt on my bladder! Your daddy cannot wait to meet you! He carved your name into a pumpkin tonight, just in case! It's been approximately 40 weeks that I've been carrying you around. It's actually quite amazing! This whole experience is the most wonderful, nerve wracking, happy, anxious & scared time of both daddy and my life! We're so ready for the adventure to begin!! So, would you please make your entrance sweetheart, we're dieing to meet you!!!
EDIT: It's November 1st! Layla is officially late and going to be a November baby! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning. They're doing a sono to check growth & for the first time ever, I am TERRIFIED of how much they are going to tell me she weighs! I'm have this awful feeling they might say over 9lbs. I sure hope not! Either way, as long as shes healthy, I will be happy! This is also the first time Daddy wont be there with me to see his baby girl! That's OK. He'll see her soon enough, I Hope! I will be discussing induction with the doctor since I am overdue now. Hopefully, something is progressing though and we wont have to go that route.
Chris and I want to thank you again for the video camera! Now we're going to be able to capture this special occasion even better than I had hoped we would be able to! & Now, for as far into the future as I can see, you inbox and probably home mailbox will be overfilled with home movies and pictures of Layla! Thank you again. Layla, Chris and I are truly lucky to have you! We love you and can't wait to see you!
We love you Layla
love mommy & daddy

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