Saturday, October 17, 2009

Any day now!

Come out Baby girl!
The world can't wait to meet you!
I'm officially 38 weeks! TWO WEEKS till baby Layla's due date. Chris and I are anxious and excited beyond words for the arrival of our daughter! Daddy is constantly telling her to get her butt out here and he's not the only one! I have given her some words of encouragement myself. :)
Layla's great-grand parents bought us the most amazing swing. Chris and I both have turned it on multiple times just to watch it! It's got a TON of features. I'll post a video when it's dark so you can see the effects!! :)
Thank you so much great-grandma and grandpa Bratt! We love it & so will Layla!
Doctors say everything is good. Something can happen anytime now & we're hoping!!!
Not much to update on. We will call everyone as soon as we know something & will post when possible!
PS. Chris got a job! :) Hes working at a response monitoring center & starts Monday! Will let everyone know how he likes it! :)
We love you Layla
love mommy & daddy

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